Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Thieves empty female student’s room while on vacation

A female student’s room has been plundered by suspected thieves while she was away for the Christmas break from school.
The student of Federal Polytechnic, Oko in Anambra state, Stephanie Oluchi, revealed that she was away for the Christmas Holiday, but was being urged by an unseen force to return to school, only for her to find out the properties in her apartment had been stolen by thieves.
Below is what she wrote on Facebook;
What a painful xmas…….sometimes i kept asking God,is there an extra-ordinary sins that i committed which can’t be forgiven!!!!…….with TEARS…the pains is too much for me!!!!…… What a fateful day!!
Travelled for xmas like my normal co-student…within some days i develop this feelings to come school…entered school on Saturday been yesterday!!!. Lol and behold(my house was emptied. ….i was robbed.
My house was emptied..was in tears but i gat to realize that crying won’t solve anything.
Just left everything in GOD’s Hand….God of vengeance!!!……He will definitely fight my battles. And to whosoever that did this to me!!
(With Tears and pains you have caused me)with the virtue of the holy ghost”i swear with GOD the father the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT….you will never find peace until you return those things and your next operation you will definitely meet ur death

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