Friday, December 14, 2018

Nigerian Lady narrates how she was duped of N482,000 with a fake bank alert

Nigerian Lady narrates how she was duped of N482,000 with a fake bank alert
A Nigerian lady, Sandra Joe, has taken to social media to narrate how three well-dressed men dupe her in her workplace of a whooping N482,500.
According to the Nigerian lady, three well dressed men who needed 10 Infinix HOT6X which costs N48,050 each, duped her with the fake alert after claiming they had no cash on them. The Nigerian lady who was duped of 482K, further told Nigerians to stay woke as she will be paying for the avoidable mistake now.
She wrote;
So i was at the office today eating when three well-dressed men walked in,they said they needed 10 pieces of INFINIX HOT6X and each phone cost 48,050.

I was over-joyed that my xmas go dey soft little did i know that the devil was laughing at me….I started writing reciepts and when it was time for payment,i gave them our boss’s Zenith bank account to make the transfer since they didnt come with cash buh the transfer wasnt successful,so the sales girl who was banking with Fidelity gave them her own account number to run the transfer and boooom an alert entered indicating that the money has been transferred successfully.
I now sent the girl to withdraw the money as the customers left buh lo and behold the money didn’t reflect on the girl’s account and that was how i was duped today 482,500 which means the alert was flashing and not real..Now i will be paying for an avoidable mistake…

Please you all should stay woke this festive period so that no one will feel the pain that i am feeling now.These day thieves wear suit and tie with matching shoes and briefcase


  1. it was a setup with the owner of the girl that has that fidelity account how will they know the number of the girl because without her number the alert will not enter and is she so foolished that the account balance did not changed?