Sunday, December 16, 2018

Guys, Beware of These 5 Types of Ladies and Never Sleep With Them!

You meet a girl, and she is willing to sleep with you. Are there any reasons not to do it? Well, guys, these are the 5 types of women you better avoid having s ex with. And here is why!
If you meet these five types of girls, do not sleep with them:
1. Users
These girls exchange s ex for money, gifts, fancy restaurants, shopping trips, etc. Well, it might be a good trait, if all you want from her is s ex.
So, if that’s how you view her, go for it, but be prepared to pay! And do not complain that money is all she is after. That’s true!
2. A busy girl
She is never single. There is no time between the guys she has. She breaks up with one and the next day gets another.
Here is what a psychologist says about such people:
“Those who are always in relationships have no sense of who they are as an individual. They easily become co-dependent.”
3. Party girl
She is never sober. She jumps from one man to another. You risk catching an STD from such a lady or getting yourself in trouble over her.
In most cases, these girls have s ex only when they are drunk. It’s the riskiest interc0urse you can have.
4. Insecure
This first type can easily agree to have s ex. However, once they do, they get so attached to you. Unless you have the intention to marry the woman, do not sleep with her.
Breaking up with such a girl might be very troublesome. Her self-esteem is low. He painfully takes any measure of rejection.
So, if you do not enjoy hysterics, stay away from such ladies.
5. Unprotected s ex lover
You may care nothing for her health or safety, but you surely care for yours. So, if she mentions a willingness to have it, think twice!
If you do not want complications in your life, avoid such girls. Now you know a list of 5 types to stay away from.

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