Monday, November 5, 2018

Meet 10 Celebrities Who Don’t Know How To Dress At All – Number 2 Is Just A Hopeless Dresser

prince uzoegwu
Nigerian Celebrities Who Don’t Know How To Dress – Some celebrities have an outstanding sense of style. But some of Nollywood stars like to dress in an extraordinary way. Here is the list of celebs who have some questionable sense of style.
10. Prince Uzoegwu
Prince Uzoegwu is a celebrity stylist and actor. But it doesn’t prevent him from being a bad dresser. His style is almost similar with Denrele’s.
9.Cossy is a lover of strange outfits as well. For all the events she picks too revealing dresses. And this is one of the best way to show the curves, but many people consider it as indecent.
8.KCee is a big fan of fashion. But sometimes his clothes seems to be too colourful. He likes bright colour which often look strange. He also gave himself the name “Fashion Icon” and he is well famous for it.
7. Mbong Amatah
She is another lover of demonstrating her cleavage. Too revealing outfits is her main fashion problem.
Rukky is also a fan of wearing very revealing outfits. Once she used her hands to cover her cleavage due to the highly revealing gown that almost showed the tips of it
5. Tiwa Savage
Sometimes Tiwa looks really gorgeous. Her sense of style is not bad. But there are some situations when she matches bad makeup with great dresses and vice versa.
Emeka is a gorgeous man. The main actor any movie director would want to put on his move at a point in Nollywood. He tries to dress in an admirable manner. But sometimes he picks up too oversized things.
3. Halima Abubakar
Nollywood actress Halima has a weird fashion sense. She can easily forget to wear some underwear attending some notable events filled with A cl@ss Nollywood celebrities.
Denrele is a well-known weird dresser. Thats his biggest selling point. He is also a makeup lover. Sometimes he looks like he is on a red carpet. He may also appear as a hero from a gothic movie about vampires and ghosts. This may remind us of Charly Boy.

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