Saturday, November 10, 2018

How To Look Younger Without Surgery – 5 Face Procedures, See How 2 & 3 Will Save You More Money.

In the age of Instagram, looking our best selves isn’t just an options, it’s become a necessity. Going under the knife can be dangerous and costly, but sometimes, a facial just isn’t enough. Here are some non invasive alternatives that yield powerful results.
1. Chemical Peels
Avoid going under the knife by peeling off your old skin to reveal a rejuvenated and more youthful look.
There’s a range of light peels or mid depth peels which causes the most drastic results for those with severe skin damage.

2. Titan
Titan is yet another laser method which uses light energy to promote collagen growth deep under the skin. It has been used from everything like smoothing fine lines and getting rid of age spots, to tightening facial, abdomen, leg, and arm skin. Benefits can take three to six months to occur, but immediate results are also common. Great for those looking to avoid long recovery time or invasive options.
3. Fillers
Fillers require injections as well, but not necessarily a toxin. The content of fillers can range from synthetic polymer microsphere to collagen that has a hyaluronic acid base. With the right surgeon, filler work can reshape your nose or add fullness where volume is lacking.
4. Microneedling
You’re probably heard of micro-needling after seeing Kim Kardashian’s horrifying vampire facial, but it’s effective in curing scarring, and stimulating collagen elastin as well as erasing fine lines. In it, hyaluronic acid blends drive the product deep into the skin. It’s cheaper than Fraxel and has less recovery time.

5. Ultherapy Skin-Lifting
This is a new procedure that does its work under the skin surface, tightening, firming, and lifting. In it, low levels of heart are delivered to specific areas by ultrasound technology. It then stimulates collagen production, and provides sleek and natural enhancements that can build over a couple of months.

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