They say the truth is bitter but it has to be told; there are so many things that might be true but men would hate it.
when it has to come from their partner, this is exactly the reason why most times some women keep certain things from their man but would tell it to their friends as they solicit for advice on what to do. The male ego is quite a huge ego and anything that might not boost the male ego could hurt it. Men love being kings, we love it when we are deemed to be good at what we do and anything other than that might have a pernicious effect on the male ego. However, I must say that this doesn’t apply to all men out there but a lot of men would feel a snag on their ego if they are told some of these truths.
Every man wants his lady to see him as the king of the jungle as far as sex and love making are concerned, men pride in the fact that they can ensure that their lady gains satisfaction when in the sheets. When you make it clear to a man that he isn’t good in the act, it might have a detrimental effect on his ego; men love it when their act is applauded and not the other way round