Tuesday, November 13, 2018

5 Nigerian Big Boys Making Our Youths Do Anything For Money — Number 3 Doesn’t Believe In God (With Pictures)

Nigerian Big Boys – Social media has given rise to a different class of celebrities in recent times whose claim to fame is the lavish lifestyle they claim to live.
Some of them are self-acclaimed ‘Big Boys’ while most of them are tagged by members of the public who are the viewers and beneficiaries of their lavish lifestyle. These so called “Big Boys” usually post photos, and videos of themselves with lots of expensive things.
In recent times, these sets of Big Boys have started imposing negative impacts on the youths, they impose pressure on young people. A lot of the youths in Nigeria who are not born with silver spoon tend to start hustling in illegal manners, project a lifestyle that is not their real situation. A very recent victim of this fake lifestyle might be a prominent young Nigerian musician.
With that being said, here are 5 Nigerian Big Boys whose lifestyle is impacting Nigerian youths negatively.

1. Randy Wayne

Randy Wayne hails from Edo state and he’s a friend to musician Harrysong. Just like other Big Boys, little is known about Randy’s source of income other than the fact that he says he is the CEO of We The Business Records which at this point appears not to have any musician on the label according to investigation.
As usual, a common lifestyle among theses sets of Big Boys is the showing off of money, gadgets, luxury life; Below are some photos showing Randy Wayne’s expensive lifestyle.

2. Ismaila

Ismaila, a Lagos Big Boy might be connected to a legitimate business (Bureau De Change). Ismaila is reportedly the owner of Mompha Bureau De Change, Lagos Island Nigeria.
However, he is fond of showing off both his money and customer’s money in a deceptive way that might be considered harming to the Nigerian youths who are swift to adopting social trends. They might see such lifestyle as what is in vogue now and hustle their way illegally to emulate such lifestyle.
One similar trait of these Big Boys is the “showing off “. Below are some photos showing Ismaila’s expensive lifestyle and gadget show off.

3. King Tee

King Tee is reportedly rich, he is daring, he is notorious, he doesn’t care about public perception, he doesn’t believe in God, he does not show off only money but also show off u’ncla’d naughty girls, he sleeps with different girls without protection, he runs a p*rn site.

Lagos big boy KingTblak has slept with a new set of young ladies on a bed full of cash, sneakers, expensive alcohol and jewelries to showcase his uncanny opulence.
The dark-skinned young man who specializes in having s*x with different ladies without condoms in hotels has remained unrepentant in the face of criticisms as he continues to soar high in popularity.
King Tee whose source of income remains unknown pays his female clients a sum of N100,000 for unprotected s*x and shares the explicit pictures and videos online for money.
The faces of the ladies remain veiled for now and some don’t really mind. He is currently raking massive cash from his new enterprise despite social media attacks.
With the above description, nobody needs to tell you that King Tee is not a good role model for Nigerian Youths. See more photos of his naughty and lavish showoff below..

4. King Jide a.k.a Mayor of Capetown

King Jide  is A popular South Africa-based Nigerian man, he is also the Mayor of Capetown. There is no reliable source of income assigned to King Tee
Recently, he spent N5million on 30 Ace of Spades and 1 Dom Perignon at Cova lounge in Lagos on Sunday June 29th and one of his buddies.
As usual, the show off follows, he shared the receipt on instagram. Thats him in dreads in the photos below..

5. Hushpuppi

Ray Hushpuppi (born Igbalodely on June 14) also called “Aja Puppi” a.k.a Aja 4, is a Malaysian-base-Nigerian philanthropist. Hushpuppi is best known for his luxurious lifestyle he lives both home and abroad.
The young man has got taste for good things as he is highly fashionable. Hushpuppi revealed that he used to be a heavy gambler. The pictures he shares on his social media handles show the kind of life he lives as he believes highly in living large and having fun to the fullest. He works hard for his money after all.

Recently, Hushpuppi has been involved in social media fight  with some Nigerian celebrities like Davido, Phyno and Kcee.

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